Tanveer Ahmed – medical doctor

Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist, author and local councillor. His first book is a migration memoir called The Exotic Rissole. He is a former SBS journalist, Fairfax columnist and writes for a wide range of local and international publications.
He was elected to Canada Bay Council in 2012. He practises in western Sydney and rural NSW.

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Tanveer Ahmed in a debate: Is Islam compatible with Democracy?

In Islam, Allah is the ultimate authority. In democracy, authority ultimately lies with the people. But does this mean that Islam is incompatible with democracy?

Are the differences between Islam (especially when given political form) and the liberal democracies of the West so great as to represent a ‘clash of civilizations’?

Is an approach in which society is ordered according the will of God compatible with one in which the will of the people reigns supreme?

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About Tanveer Ahmed:
Tanveer Ahmed is an opinion columnist at the Sydney Morning Herald. He works as a psychiatry registrar and is a former foreign affairs television journalist for SBS. He is an appointee to the Advertising Standards Board, the governing council of the Smith Family and former national representative for junior doctors within the Australian Medical Association. He has previously performed comedy and co-hosted a prime time gameshow. In 2009, Men’s Style magazine chose as him one of 50 “young men of influence” and a PM’s committee listed him as one of a hundred future leaders of Australia. He lives in Sydney with his wife and child.