Here’s Why Nicole Kidman Likes To Fly Private Jets

If flying business class around the world doesn’t quite cut it, then you’re probably more inclined to either charter a private jet for your travel, or own your jet and pilot yourself around the world. Owning a private jet isn’t a possibility for everyone and in the past only the most financially secure individuals and business owners could even come close to owning their own plane, but fortunately, Nextant Pacific are here to bring the greatest private jet offers to everyone.


As an exclusive supplier of aircraft in and around the Asia pacific area fitted out by ShutterShop, Nextant strive to provide a great range of both new and used private jets. They act as the middle man and will broker deals between buyers and sellers so that both parties walk away entirely happy. Whether you’re a plane collector, or hoping to take to the skies in your very own multi-person airplane; when it comes to bringing you the best private aircraft on the market, no one does it quite like Nextant.

Nextant wasn’t always the business that it is today. After revamping the company, Nextant decided that providing an affordable supply of airplanes to clients in the Asian pacific should be a priority. That’s why they source, supply and distribute a great collection of private jets for all sorts of uses.

So what do you need to know when buying a private jet? Well one of the most important things if you intend to travel in the plane is that it needs to be entirely air-worthy. This goes without saying if you are hoping to purchase your plane for flight, although it can be pretty important for collectors too if they hope to sell their collection on in the future.

You’ll also want to ensure that the plane is in as good a condition as possible. If you’re buying a new private jet then the condition should be mint or near mint at the very least, but if you’re hoping to buy a used or second hand plane then you’ll have to expect a little bit of wear and tear. Most sellers will understand how valuable their planes are however, so finding a plane in poor condition is very unlikely but not unheard of.

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