Ricky Muir’s first speech to the senate


Reported at the SBS site today there seems to be a bit of a normal addition to the Aussie senate:

The Australian public are reeling this morning after Ricky Muir’s first speech to the senate revealed that a person actually representing the average Australian has accidentally been elected to Parliament.


Muirs speech drew heavily on the fact that he never intended to be a politician, a sentiment shared by the people who elected him. Showing his own inexperience, Muir spoke about being long-term unemployed and struggling to support his family instead of the traditional topics of Liberal cruelty, Labor unfairness and the Greens being totally The Greens about everything.


More from The Backburner:


“It’s bizarre,” said a local resident. “It’s as if he’s done things in his life that weren’t strictly either being a politician or preparing to be a politician.


“He treats unemployment like it’s a thing that sometimes happens to good people no matter how hard you work, and not like a hideous disease that befalls the sinful.


“It’s like he’s one of us – you know, imperfect, occasionally making a stupid decision or two but good natured and trying to do his best. I can’t wait to see how this comes back to bite us square on the arse.”


Other onlookers admitted to being somewhat unsure of how to act around Muir.