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Our Immigration Lawyers and Agents is an Australian owned and operated law firm, which specializes in migration law. Advocate Immigration Lawyers & Agents is committed to establishing a new approach in migration services for those seeking to live, work or stay in Australia.

We at RichardTimpson Immigration Lawyers & Agents are strongly committed to maintaining legal services underpinned by our commitment to social justice and the belief that all people have a right to fair and transparent legal representation. Our lawyers and support staff are all highly trained and experienced in all aspects of migration law and migration support services; and share a commitment to achieving excellence in client and legal services.

Our experience with discrimination and social justice issues gives us a unique insight into some of the difficult issues some people may face with the immigration process. In addition, D&R Immigration Lawyers & Agents’ intricate knowledge of migration law, regulations, policy and processes ensures that any immigration problems you may have are addressed from the initial stages of your application through careful legal research and attention to the finer details of your circumstances and how they impact on your immigration matter.

Our lawyers and support staff have extensive experience in the business and community sectors, giving DJS Immigration Lawyers & Agents its unique and dynamic approach to migration law and client services.

The breadth of our experience means that D&R Immigration Lawyers & Agents can tailor migration packages to suit the short and long-term interests of businesses and individuals alike.

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